Many companies talk about honors, prizes won, articles published, etc. Stuart Kitchens’ experienced, credentialed people have done all these things. What we think more important though, is how customers feel about our work.

Both my wife and I had our own ideals about what we wanted in our new kitchen. We relied heavily upon your experience, opinions, and input to help us make final decisions and selections. In a few cases you could have easily guided us into spending more than we did, but assured us the extra expense would not be worth the end result.

Also, it is not often that any contracting business can nail down and hold to deadlines. Initially I was skeptical when you gave us a list of dates when specific steps were to happen. As time went on, you met every date and stayed on schedule.

Your experience, professionalism, and constant communications kept us and the kitchen project on track. We had heard the horror stories of friends who had renovated their kitchens and the long lead times they went through along with the contractor problems that they had faced. Entering into this project, we were ready for the worst, but came out with the best experience.

Our new kitchen is as close to perfect as could of ever wanted. Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference when working with future customers.