Many companies talk about honors, prizes won, articles published, etc. Stuart Kitchens’ experienced, credentialed people have done all these things. What we think more important though, is how customers feel about our work.

We have recently embarked on an extensive kitchen renovation in our Arlington home. We have been in the planning stages on this project for several years. We have considered both a large scale renovation, increasing square footage, and a smaller renovation utilizing existing space. Ronda Royalty has drawn all these floor plans for us, focusing on each one as if it were the final one. She has been patient throughout all our changes and indecision. Our final plan, which is one that utilizes the existing space with a few modifications, is a design that Ronda was able to come up with that meets the needs we have for our use of a kitchen. During the whole process, Ronda came up with creative ideas that we would never have been able to envision. Ronda is excellent at listening to our needs and desires and coming up with a plan that reflects that.

Ronda has also been an excellent resource for information on cabinets, appliances, countertops, tile, flooring, etc. Her knowledge is extensive and we have spent much time with her in the Stuart showroom, as well as in various stores, where she has given us solid advice on all these choices.

Ronda is able to interact in a wonderful way with the construction team. She is knowledgeable, thorough and detailed. She visits the job site frequently and catches many things that might otherwise go unnoticed which, because caught, makes the job go smoothly and quickly. Ronda's communication is excellent both with the construction team and with us and as a result, we have been informed throughout the process. 

Although not completely finished, we are already pleased with our new kitchen. It is amazing to see it all come together. It has been a smooth, orderly, enjoyable process, with none of the frustrations we hear so much about from others' experiences. We credit this to Ronda and her experience, talent and communications skills. She has made this experience a true pleasure.