Many companies talk about honors, prizes won, articles published, etc. Stuart Kitchens’ experienced, credentialed people have done all these things. What we think more important though, is how customers feel about our work.

As the mother of four with several family members in the area and a 30+ year-old kitchen that had never been upgraded, I was in desperate need of a renovation. New to major home improvements and somewhat reluctant to take on such a project, I was also anxious to finish quickly with minimum disruption. At my first meeting with Judy Bracht from Stuart Kitchens I knew I had found the perfect designer and contractor for a new kitchen.

Judy took me through the process most satisfactorily, explaining all the steps and offering several design options along with very practical advice. She worked hard to incorporate the nontraditional needs and wants of our family. Also, our meetings were conveniently scheduled around my work and personal commitments. Judy was always very pleasant and prepared so that our time together was used wisely and productively. Her personal touch and attention to detail during all phases of the renovation, and even afterwards with the follow-up, really made a difference.

Judy was conscious of our budget and provided valuable and professional input for the constant decision-making. Her organizational skills guaranteed that every aspect from the teardown to the material deliveries, installations and utility updates went smoothly. The workers were timely, polite and extremely tidy. It was a pleasure to have them in the house and our living situation was barely disturbed.

A small, cramped, dark, inefficient, and outdated kitchen has been turned into a beautiful, multi-functional room with almost one-third more storage and visibility, as well as increased work and sitting space. Judy's design removed the useless areas while keeping what we wanted and incorporating new features. Her commitment and thoroughness during all phases of the project are commendable.

The entire experience was so positive that I am now returning to Judy and Stuart Kitchens to have further work done in my home. As a cook who considers it the highest compliment when people come back for seconds, I am giving this same endorsement back to Judy and her work. I highly recommend her to friends and neighbors who are sometimes suspicious of my praise as people tend to dwell on the disasters and complications when discussing home projects. I am willing to provide further references to potential customers and am more than happy to show off my new kitchen at any occasion.