Many companies talk about honors, prizes won, articles published, etc. Stuart Kitchens’ experienced, credentialed people have done all these things. What we think more important though, is how customers feel about our work.

We want to thank Stuart Kitchens and Certified Kitchen Designer Helen Lang for giving us the kitchen of our dreams! The high level of professionalism exhibited by Helen and the contractors was evident each step along the way, from our first visit to Stuart Kitchens to the completion of our new kitchen.

The process of choosing Stuart Kitchens to renovate our 20 year old kitchen started with the designer. We briefly explained our thoughts and needs to several designers and waited to see how those would be translated into a plan. One of those was Helen Lang of Stuart Kitchens, who had been recommended by a friend. We were frankly blown away when we saw her design for our new kitchen. She had taken our initial ideas of what we wanted and then incorporated numerous additional features that elevated the overall plan from just good to truly exceptional. Her design was by far the best of those we were offered.

Once we accepted the plan, Helen immediately arranged to have all the sub-contractors come out together to meet us and review the plan on site. Possible problems that could have seriously slowed down the renovation were dealt with then and there. We were extremely impressed by the experience and professionalism of the contractors, and the obvious ease with which they collaborated with Helen and each other. During the demolition and renovation we learned to our delight that John Schmidt, the project foreman, is a genius with the myriad details that go into taking a kitchen plan and making it a reality.

With Helen's advice, we chose a beautiful line of Stuart cabinets and depended on her expertise to select the glass door panels and countertops. Since we were overwhelmed with trying to choose hardware for the cabinets and tile for the backsplash, she walked us through the selection process and together we found the perfect pulls, knobs and tiles. She then designed a striking geometric backsplash that added a touch of drama and sophistication to our new kitchen.

Once the project started, Helen was in constant contact with us to ensure that contractors were there, as scheduled, and to follow up on any issues that arose. She dropped by regularly to check on the progress, to make sure benchmark schedules were met and to handle the inevitable problems that cropped up. When the Cambria backsplash on the island was improperly installed, Helen interceded and arranged for the replacement after two further failed attempts, Helen arranged for another company to install the backsplash. Although this could have been very disruptive and could have soured our experience, Helen handled every contact, dealt with all the details and managed to keep our stress level to the minimum.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Helen Lang and Stuart Kitchens. Her oversight of the project coupled with her commitment to customer satisfaction made this a wonderful experience for us. Our new kitchen is so beautiful it could easily be featured on the cover of a magazine. We will definitely recommend Stuart Kitchens and Helen Lang to anyone who wants to have quality work with quality service!